Two Benefits Of Using Laminate Flooring In Your Home Instead Of Hardwood

As a homeowner, you may love the sophisticated and classic look of hardwood flooring. However, the maintenance and installation costs can cause hardwood flooring to easily become too expensive for your budget. You may already be considering laminate flooring as a viable alternative due to its similar look to hardwood, minimal maintenance, and cheaper installation cost. If you were not aware of these two additional benefits of laminate flooring, they may be what will help put the material to the top of your list of flooring choices.

It's Durable

You probably have high expectations for the flooring material you select in terms of durability. Thankfully, the way that laminate flooring is constructed makes it very durable when compared to alternative materials. This is because laminate flooring is made by using pressed wood with an artificial finish. The construction is solid, and makes it resistant to tears and scratches.

This does not mean you can completely neglect laminate flooring, but that you'll have fewer concerns about wear and tear from everyday use like walking on it with shoes or furniture that slides across the surface. The thicker the laminate material, the more durable it is.

An added benefit to the thickness of compressed wood is that the material does a great job of minimizing sound that easily transfers through normal hardwood flooring.

It's Resistant To Moisture

One downside to hardwood flooring is that it is very susceptible to becoming damaged from water. That is why they are not typically used in parts of the home such as the bathroom or basement. Homeowners must also be mindful about things such as quickly cleaning up water that accidentally spills on the surface of the material.

This is not an issue you need to deal with when using laminate flooring. This is because the top layer is coated with aluminum oxide. It will create a barrier between your laminate flooring and elements that come in direct contact with it. Thanks to this coating, it makes it practical to install laminate flooring in any part of the home that may make the floors prone to moisture damage. You'll no longer need to panic when a spill occurs either, because the protective layer will give you peace of mind when an accident occurs as well.

Now that you know these two benefits of laminate flooring when compared to hardwood, you can make an informed decision about if it is right for your home. For more flooring information, talk to a company like JLG Flooring.