Replacing The Carpeting In An Older Home? 3 Tips To Make It Last

If you're eager to get rid of the carpeting in a home that you've recently purchased, it's likely that you're concerned about what choices you can make to ensure that the carpeting will stay in pristine condition in the years to come. When you want carpeting installed in your new home that looks clean and is easy to care for after being installed, you should be careful when you're first beginning to shop around for carpet. Before making the mistake of choosing a carpet without considering durability and ease of cleaning, consider the following tips to guide you with your purchase.

Choose a Darker Color of Carpeting

Spills can be unavoidable in the context of your carpeting, making it a good idea to choose carpet that won't have the stains show up as easily. If you're worried that the carpeting can be difficult to clean due to a light shade of carpeting, all you need to do is choose a darker color.

Instead of choosing ivory or other lighter shades, you can opt for a darker beige or even more unique colors for carpeting including red, blue, or brown in a darker shade that will be easier to cover up small marks until extensive cleaning can be taken care of.

Consider a Carpeting Material That Can Be Easily Cleaned

Along with choosing a color of carpeting that will disguise marks on the carpet, it's a good idea to look into picking a material that isn't going to look dirty as easily. Some carpet fibers are more difficult to clean, such as wool, making it best to choose carpeting with more durable materials such as polypropylene. Similar to when buying a rug, make sure that the carpet material won't show stains easily and can be cleaned using household cleaning solutions without much fuss.

Skip the Carpet in High-Traffic Areas

If you're concerned with picking carpeting that will last over the years after the installation, it's best to only use it in areas that can put up with the traffic. Entryways into your home can be a poor choice for carpeting since it's much more likely to get dirty and show wear and tear. Keeping hardwood or tile in these high-traffic areas and using carpeting elsewhere should help ensure that your home is much cleaner.

Making the decision to replace carpeting in your newly purchased home can be a good way to ensure that your home looks great throughout and with the tips above, you can be confident that the new carpet will last for many years. Contact a company like A-1 Linoleum & Carpet Co for more information.