How To Care For Laminate Floors That Look Like Wood And Feel Like Vinyl

With all of your flooring choices out there, what do you choose? Wood floors have as many options in a single category as there are options in flooring in general. There are also factors to consider, such as how a floor will survive children and pets.

Of course, laminate is a really good option because you can get the look of wood without the wood price. There are even wood-look acrylic snap-lock floors, which give you the look of wood and the waterproof and spill-proof features of linoleum. If you opt for this last type of flooring, your wood floor contractors can have it installed in a day or two. After that, you need to know how to care for it, which looks something like this.

No Abrasive or Full-Strength Cleaners

Snap-lock floors install quickly and prevent the penetration of everything from cat hairballs to orange juice. You would think, then, that it would not matter what cleaner you used because there are no cracks for the cleaner to sink through to the subfloor below. However, the type of cleaner you use has less to do with permeability and more to do with damaging the surface material of this type of flooring.

First, you cannot use any harsh cleaners that can scrape the surface of the flooring. Over time, the wood look layer on top would wear away and the deception of the wood appearance would give way to black or gray plastic material below that. Secondly, you cannot use full-strength cleaners that contain bleach or other highly corrosive chemicals. These would eat away at and "melt" the material of this floor fairly quickly. Instead, use just a damp rag to wipe up spots, or use a cleaner approved by the manufacturer of the flooring to clean the entire floor.

Use a Nylon Bristle Broom or Dust Mop

Most of these snap-lock floors tell you to avoid the old straw broom because its straw bristles can scratch the surface of the material. That may seem odd to you, given the floor's touted durability. However, the manufacturer of your floor has tested their product repeatedly and knows what should and should not be used to sweep it. In most cases, the manufacturers of snap-lock laminate floors say that you should use a dust mop (because of the soft rag ropes that will not scrape) or a nylon bristle broom, which picks up things off these floors using static electricity.

Avoid Dropping Really Heavy Things on It

While you may drop the occasional glass or eating utensil on this new floor of yours, try to avoid dropping really heavy objects on it, like a large keg of beer. Really heavy objects can dent this type of floor, just like they can dent real wood or other flooring materials. While dents in a real wood floor may otherwise add to the charm of the floor, on this type of floor it can put big enough gouges in it that you could see the subfloor.

Then the whole visual effect of faux wood flooring is revealed and you will have to rip that piece of snap-lock out and replace it. That could be really expensive if the dent is in a plank in the middle of your kitchen and not near a wall. Your flooring contractor would have to pull up all the planks right up to the dented plank, remove and replace the dented plank, and reinstall the rest of the floor. By taking good care of this floor, you will never have to replace any part of it (until you're ready for a whole new floor, that is).

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